Guide to cleaning your brushes
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Guide to cleaning your brushes

Jun 30, 2023 · Brush · Brushes

How to care for brushes

The most important thing to keep in mind is that our brushes should spend as little time as possible with paint, so as soon as we finish painting with them, we have to clean all our tools and not postpone the task. It is a task that usually makes us lazy, but doing it as soon as possible is the best thing we can do, it will cost us less to remove the paint from our brushes and they will last longer in better condition.

To prevent the brushes from deteriorating sooner, it is better that we do not perform different techniques with the same brush. If we use watercolor with a brush, it is convenient that we only use watercolor and not go to an acrylic paint, whose base is not water, as is the case with watercolor. And while we are using them, it is convenient to always keep them moist.

The position of the brushes matters, so it is better not to put them upside down, because if the brush is resting on the bristles, the own weight of the brush will bend the bristles and it will gradually deteriorate.

A very common mistake is to leave the brushes submerged in water (or another product) for long periods of time, but this can deform the bristles and make the wooden handles wet and damaged. If we need to submerge them for a long time for a deeper cleaning, we can use special boats for this purpose. They are jars in which we can rest our brush and that allow the bristles to be the only part of the brush in contact with the liquid that we have deposited in it. In this way, neither the handle nor the splint will deteriorate.

Once we have the brushes clean and completely dry, we can store them in any position, but as long as they are not completely dry, it is better to leave them horizontal or hanging with the bristles down. If we keep them in a vertical position, as would be the most common, the water will slide down to the splint and the handle of the brush and it would end up being damaged. Metal handles can rust if they are wet for a long time, and wooden ones can rot.

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